Saturday, 14 April 2012

Torn......City or Surf

Even dressed in the city I long for the surf, and after surf give me some city glam and Lov


  1. Man o man, its the tough part about living in the city. I used to crave surfing when I lived in NYC and now I'm back at the beach and I crave the city. Ah, such is life! Great photos!



  2. Hey Nix, thanks for the Lov, I live at the beach as well, surf often and get plenty of sun and sand and some Tarmac as well on my skate board, I must say I miss the big cittys NYC, London, Milan etc, the only answer is to travel to them and soak them up I think, love your blog btw, it's cool keep it up.
    Take care and feel the Lov

    Cheers Adrian LovStuff